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One of the linchpins of ensuring success in all our ventures at Kara is in a well-honed partner ecosystem based on select firms that are leaders in their respective area of specialization. Once selected, we work in close concert with our partners on a win-win model of success. Partners listed on this page have been retained for multiple deals in their sector focus areas.  


Kara Partners has formed a partnership with Integrity Business Research (IBR) for funding lending requirements ranging from $100k to $5Million in total value for small businesses across the US. IBR has vast experience in the field working with underwriters, banks, trade associations, lawyers, accountants, insurance companies and government agencies both domestic and international, and maintains very high success rates through a structured and rigorous intake process.  IBR was founded by CEO Donald Lieberman who has over 35 years of lending experience in the field. For further information contact



Kara Partners has directly partnered with FVI  in driving key portfolio investments in energy and mining sectors in India based on their extensive experience in energy and power, commercial relationships spanning both public and private sectors in India. FVI also delivers extensive capability in outsourced industrial parts manufacturing for the niche applications in the automotive, energy and marine industries.  

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